Since 1826 we have been manufacturing cut tobacco using only the finest tobacco leaves from several parts of the world. 4 generations of craftsmanship and recipes have taken Mac Baren products to where they are today – tobacco proudly made to ensure exquisite quality and taste.

Mac Baren fine cut tobaccos are a series of brands for smokers who prefer to roll their own high quality cigarettes. Brands that will satisfy all tastes – flavoured, non-flavoured, additive free and organic blends.

Below you will find a list of our brands for Make Your Own and Roll Your Own tobaccos.


Amsterdamer hand rolling tobaccos are specially crafted to highlight different tobacco blends including American blends, a Dutch blend and an additive free blend. All blends offer a natural and pleasant smoking experience.


The Amsterdamer Ice is a range of hand rolling tobaccos which offer a combination of different flavours mixed with menthol. Amsterdamer Ice range delivers an exciting twist on the refreshing ice effect for every modern cigarette smoker.


Caporal has a long and proud history within pipe tobacco, perfect for those who prefer a traditional fine cut mixture mainly made of dark tobaccos.


Chee Tah, among other brands, was acquired in 2019, and offer several tobacco blends that will satisfy every adventurous consumer. Every blend has its own characteristic taste and is perfect for rolling. Enjoy the truly authentic experience of wild adventures while smoking Chee Tah tobacco.   


CHOICE is a series of natural cigarette tobaccos which have been carefully enriched with different flavours. Years of experience is the key to our great success with adding taste to the tobacco, which ensures a refined and authentic smoking experience.


Django has a long and proud history and offers different tobacco blends for those who value quality in taste and enjoyment. All blends offer a pleasurable taste experience and are true delight for every cigarette smoker.


Excellent is a series of blends that have been carefully produced to satisfy different taste preferences. The tobacco varieties consist mainly of the finest Virginias from Africa and Latin America, light to dark brown Burleys from Africa balanced with fine spicy Orient tobaccos from Southeast Europe.


We have been manufacturing quality cut tobacco for more than 100 years. For People (#No Name) is for those who know what they want and who believe in quality, they can see and taste. For People (#No Name) tobaccos offer a quality Roll Your Own experience – nothing more and nothing less.


Mac Baren is a range of hand rolling tobaccos for smokers who prefer a classic Roll Your Own tobacco and who value good quality and taste. The tobaccos are made of the finest tobacco leaves from several parts of the world and blended to perfection. The tobaccos are treated carefully in the manufacturing process and finally packed in the gentlest way. We are proud to call it Mac Baren.


OPAL is a Make Your Own tobacco manufactured by traditional production principles that maintain the natural fullness and smoking time. With OPAL Make Your Own tobacco, you customize your own high quality cigarette by using an empty cigarette tube and fill it with tobacco with the help of a quick injector.


The Moro range offers traditional tobacco blends as well as aromatic blends. Acquired in 2019 Moro is a natural addition to our finecut product range, as our many years of experience manufacturing world known tobacco blends is key to our great success.  

PL 88

PL 88 offers several tobacco blends, gently manufactured to highlight classic taste of traditional cigarettes. All tobacco blends give their remarkable character to the final taste which offers a pleasant smoking experience. Enjoy the full range of PL88 tobacco which was added to our finecut product range in 2019.