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Stockton is the doyen of Mac Baren Roll Cake tobaccos. Since its introduction in 1953 it has become the favourite of many pipe smokers.

In line with the old traditions associated with spun tobacco, Virginia dominates this blend. The tobaccos used in Stockton are whole leaves. The blend consists of approximately 60% Virginia tobacco from North America and 40% Dark Fired Kentucky. The natural sugar content of the Virginia tobaccos gives Stockton a slight sweetness that is finely balanced by the smoked, somewhat bolder taste of the Dark Fired Kentucky tobaccos.

Dark Fired Kentucky is a Burley tobacco, which after being air-cured in normal air is then further cured over smoke. The smoking process gives the tobacco a piquant smoked taste and the finishing touch is added by turning the tobacco into a Cavendish. As a result, the tobacco is slightly sour and balanced in taste.

Now it may sound as if Stockton only consists of 2 different tobaccos, but this is not the case. As with all Mac Baren blends, Stockton also includes several different tobaccos from various regions and districts.

The perfectly intact entire leaf is used as wrapper for the rope and the inlay is consists of smaller, whole leaves of both Virginia and Dark Fired Kentucky. These tobaccos are spun into a rope and stored for weeks.

Stockton is characterised by every centre-eye having a core of the black Dark Fired Kentucky. The dark tobacco contrasts nicely with the light, golden Virginia tobacco and the taste is a composition of sweetness with a smoky undertone. As with all spun tobaccos from Mac Baren, only a light coating of maple sugar is added so that the natural tobacco remains the dominant taste. When a pipe smoker fills his pipe with Stockton he is assured of enjoying a natural, satisfying taste. This is the closest the pipe smoker can get to the pure tobacco flavour.

Stockton is an excellent example of pipe tobacco as it was smoked 300 years ago, making it a good representative of the old traditions that form the basis of spun tobaccos.

Available as tin only