Mac Baren’s most important resource is its team who, every day, provide their time, talent and commitment to contributing to our company’s growth.

We pay great attention to providing our employees with the tools and training they need to do their job in the best way possible, regardless of their role.

There is a special focus on those who are out in the field, meeting our customers face-to-face, as these are the only go-between between us and the people who use our products.


“We don’t sell products, we sell brands”

Mac Baren has always been synonymous with quality among smokers. This is the message that our agents must convey to the customers who they meet every day.

Tim Halfdan, Field Force Manager for Mac Baren in Denmark, has very clear ideas about how customers should perceive our company:

“When the shop owner thinks about tobacco, he has to think Mac Baren, because Mac Baren doesn’t just sell products, but also gives them knowledge and gives them insights on the tobacco industry”

Mac Baren is investing a lot in training the sales force in Denmark. The aim is to improve the sales experience, for agents, but above all for customers.

To do this, we train our agents on how to provide customers with all the information they need to sell a certain product in the best way possible, but above all we teach them to ask customers the right questions at the right time.


The importance of context

We teach our agents to pay attention to the context in which customers find themselves. Even in a very small country like Denmark, people’s social conditions can vary a lot depending on their area.

Looking around, observing people’s living standards, noticing the shops and businesses in a certain area and the types of car parked along the road, can provide us with key pointers on how to best manage the sale and which products are most suitable for a given social context.

This unique approach, combined with the ability to ask the right questions, ensures that our agents can sell customers exactly what they need.


Getting a deep understanding of customers’ needs

Customers will often give a blunt “no” in response to a product being proposed. However, our agents are trained to try and understand, wherever possible, the reason for the refusal, because behind every “no”, there’s a hidden requirement, a doubt or difficulty which, in the majority of cases, can be resolved.

This also represents added value for our customers, as we go beyond simply selling products, acting as a real point of reference for them.


A well-trained team

Mac Baren Tobacco Company dedicates three days per year, one every four months, to training its sales force, providing them with the best advice as to how to carry out their daily work in the best way possible. During these training sessions, our agents get the chance to practise      their approach with customers, starting from examples that are educational at the same time as being extremely close to reality.

It is only by investing time in the professional development of our employees that we can be sure that our customers are proud and happy to work with us and sell our products.