The real identity of a company takes time to build up, by means of the decisions and actions taken by the people who are part of it.

Mac Baren Tobacco Company stands on solid, time-honoured family traditions.  Our values and the people who work with us are the mainstays of our steady growth.

For us at Mac Baren, our values are the instruments needed for daily improvement and points of reference for all those who work for us and with us.  They are the means by which we consolidate relationships both within our firm and outside it.


The Mac Baren story starts more than 130 years ago and thanks to our daily commitment we are helping to create its future. All this would not be possible without the attention we pay to our traditions, which have helped us to become a leading company in the production of pipe tobacco.

Growth, prestige, quality of the product and processes are impossible to obtain without believing in the power of innovation from every viewpoint.

Innovation is in Mac Baren’s DNA, starting from the decisions made at management level through production processes. Emphasis is placed also on developing individual skills, which are fundamental in order to guarantee company growth and development, which is based on three main pillars of our company: competitiveness, profitability and innovation.


A team cannot be efficient if the players in it do not work peacefully, in harmony with themselves and with the workplace.

Mac Baren Tobacco Company has always paid special attention to guaranteeing their workers, at every level, services and facilities that may be useful in creating a good balance in their working lives, family and leisure time.

An employee who is in harmony with him/herself, proud of working for their firm, is sure to bring with them enthusiasm, ideas, innovation and experience to the team of which he or she is part.

Flexibility and initiative, as well as a predisposition to teamwork and an awareness of one’s own limits are all features that come naturally to people who have found the right balance in their lives. The management recognizes and rewards these qualities.


Different people, common objectives.

It is fundamental for us at Mac Baren that each person should give their best to complete the daily challenges that we set ourselves in order to continue our growth.

To make this possible, the management does not limit itself to overseeing the work of its employees but instead allows each person freedom within their particular competencies.  In doing this, we stimulate our workers and encourage them to express their own expertise and spirit of initiative.

The priority of the Mac Baren management is to define and communicate to each person his/her area of work and duty.  This means delegating to each employee the tasks and responsibility, which are expected to be completed within a time frame. At the same time, however, we guarantee flexible working hours, and trust in a creative approach to work because this, for Mac Baren, are important factors of success that allow us to be a modern company with an eye to the future.


Quality does not only mean offering smokers throughout the world a melange of unmistakable aromas with the best-selected tobaccos from expert hands.

For us at Mac Baren, quality must be present in every aspect of what we do. Careful attention is paid to the work of each individual, which will contribute to making Mac Baren a trustworthy, reliable and collaborative partner.

There are no short cuts, no real reason why quality should be relegated to second place.  In order to guarantee the standards we set, we rely on a high standard of communication within the company, sharing information and knowledge in order to reach our goals.

Mac Baren Tobacco Company always places the consumer centre stage.  Only this way can a small family company offer customers well-known products that go beyond their expectations, and also make a mark to consolidate its own position as a leader in the market.