Author: Marco Zuin

New beginnings: Mac Baren Tobacco Company to take over Berlin-based 
Planta Tabak-Manufaktur brand portfolio

Mac Baren Tobacco is pleased to announce an agreement to acquire the outstanding brands
from Planta Tabak-Manufactur’s traditional portfolio. "We are very proud to have completed
the acquisition of the pipe and finecuttobacco business of Planta Tabak-Manufaktur,” said
Mac Baren CEO Simon Sophus Nielsen. “The Planta portfolio includes a number of very
strong and internationally renowned brands that strengthen the product range of the Mac
Baren Tobacco Company. We look forward to developing and leveraging the full potential of
these wonderful brands across all our markets globally.” For Nils Obermann and Lukas Stiller, the young managing directors of the traditional
Kreuzberg company, the move was a difficult but deliberate step. After 63 years and three
generations of successful ownership, the family-owned company stopped producing tobacco
in Berlin on 31stAugust 2019. "With the many challenges our family has faced over the past
few years and the ever-increasing requirements of the EU Tobacco Directive, wehave
decided to withdraw from tobacco production," said Nils Obermann.
However, the decision to discontinue the Planta Tobacco Production in Berlin is by...


The importance of optimising internal procedures

Part of Mac Baren Tobacco Company's constant growth and renewal is represented by its quest to improve the efficiency of its internal processes connected to production, distribution and the administration of business management.  'Innovation' doesn't just mean entering new markets or purchasing new machinery. These actions require the solid organization of the activities carried out in the company.  Since 2017, the Mac Baren Tobacco Company has decided to work towards optimizing the production and distribution process of its products, by implementing a Sales & Operations Planning Process. One of the goals is to prevent out of stock situations or the opposite, that is to say an excess of production compared against the demand of the market.  Cross-checking demand and supply  Sales & Operations Planning Manager, Dick Esmark explains; Over the past few years, we have been working hard to find the best way to make the market demand and the production capacity of our establishment align as much as possible. In order for this...


Smart-working in Mac Baren

Companies apply new strategies and perform new activities to retain the best talents in their companies. To promote constant, growing work efficiency, MacBaren supports its workers and offers employees the chance to balance professional and private life.  Time: a precious resource We all want to work in an environment where we feel at ease in terms of our tasks, in terms of spending time with colleagues and especially in terms of managing one of the most precious resources we have: TIME. Compared to the past, employees need to be given more flexibility on behalf of their employer when it comes to their schedules, as daily routines have changed and people need more leeway. Advantages and benefits of flexitime Research shows that adopting a flexible schedule is an advantage not only for the employee, but also for the company itself. Employees can manage their time more easily, they are more motivated and concentrated at work, they show more satisfaction in reaching their goals and are less prone...

Our Passion For Art

Anyone visiting our general headquarters in Svendborg is bound to notice all the artwork on display in our offices and hallways. Sometimes, you feel like you're in an art gallery rather than in the administrative offices of a tobacco manufacturing company, and, to some extent, it's true.  Who ever said that offices can't be both functional places and spaces in which to exhibit art?  The decision to work in an environment which features paintings and sculptures is not an aesthetic one. We do not view art as a luxury decoration to impress our partners when they come and visit us.  The bond between the Halberg family and art is a lot deeper. It is the story of a passion which over the years has been passed on to a large number of people within the company and which we experience as an integral part of our professional life, sometimes even without realising. Jørgen Halberg. Journeys and Colours Everything started in the years in which Jørgen Halberg,...

The Quality Of Our Ingredients

Selecting the best varieties of tobacco and skilfully blending them is not always enough to obtain a blend that can be appreciated by smokers around the world.  Creating a blend requires a complex production process and it entails several processing stages which also involve the use of specific ingredients, with the aim of exalting the aromatic qualities in tobacco or conferring a distinctive aroma to the tobacco.  The ingredients are added during two stages of the production: casing and flavouring. Not all blends are subject to both processes; many only need casing, while the blends with no additives do not contain any additional ingredients.    The recipes: precious secrets Every product has its recipe. The recipe tells us which tobacco to use and which ingredients to add, and represents one of the most precious secrets we have proudly kept since our start in 1926. There are, of course, some people who know the recipes. One of them is Ane Grethe Madsen, a Mac Baren employee...


Everything you need to know about the upcoming news that will be posted on the Mac Baren Tobacco Company’s LinkedIn profile.    Teamwork to achieve common goals Maiken, our graphic designer tells us about his personal point of view of working life at Mac Baren. People’s ability to put together tightly-knit and efficient teams allows everyone to succeed in their assigned tasks in a timely manner without sacrificing their private life or their free time.   Quality ingredients for quality tobacco A lot of effort is put into the selection of the raw material that is purchased and then processed in order to become a Mac Baren blend. None of us would even think of ruining the precious tobacco leaves with poor quality ingredients. Ane Grethe Madsen, casing and flavouring expert, offers us an interesting look at the delicate and complicated work she does.   Art by all and for all Jørgen Halberg, the father of Henrik Halberg, current owner of Mac Baren, was a great fan of art and,...

Our Canteen – a healthy and balanced diet for everyone

For us at Mac Baren, the welfare of our employees is one of our top priorities, so much so that one of our founding values states “we are a well-balanced, harmonious, team of staff”.  Multiple factors contribute towards the welfare of a person within a company, and here at Mac Baren we have implemented a series of initiatives and activities aimed at improving the quality of the time those who work with us spend here.  You can find out more about what it means to work for Mac Baren by visiting this page Food and diet plays a primary role in the physical and mental welfare of a person. It is our duty to guarantee our employees get a proper, varied diet that best allows them to tackle their daily tasks.  Our canteen was devised to be a sociable meeting place, where people can get together and amuse themselves before getting back to work. We offer our employees the chance to have breakfast and...


A new regulation for the traceability of tobacco products European Directive 40 of 2014, referred to as TPD, sets out in Articles 15 and 16 that European Authorities may have access to all the information concerning the supply chain of any tobacco produced, distributed and sold within the EU.  The implementation of a track and trace system in our sector places us before a challenge that Mac Baren Tobacco Company has efficiently tackled, immediately taking steps to comply with the new regulation by 20th May 2019, after which date un-”traceable” products without an identification code will no longer be allowed to be distributed.   A challenge that drives us to innovate “Track and Trace represents a huge challenge, because it affects everything we do. Everything we do will have a new layer of extra procedures to go through”  Jeppe Isaksen Track and Trace Project Manager at Mac Baren Tobacco Company  From May 2019 all the companies in the tobacco industry will have to provide the European Union with...

Quality in the distributors we choose

Mac Baren Tobacco Company products can be found in over 80 different countries. Such widespread distribution requires the ability to enter into partnerships with local companies that are capable of distributing our products in as many stores as possible, as quickly as possible.  We consider our partners to be extremely important since it is thanks to them that we are capable of better understanding how a particular market works, what the preferences of smokers in a particular country are, what the most effective activities could be implemented in order to introduce a new product or reinforce our presence in those stores where certain products are already being distributed.  Hence the importance of choosing reliable, professional partner distributors who have established experience in the field, with whom to set up a relationship based on mutual trust. Trust which lies at the heart of a successful collaboration.    Some of the criteria used to pick our partners  Several factors are considered before making a decision on the...