Scaling up our new set-up in Germany


Scaling up our new set-up in Germany

After the acquisition of the Planta brand portfolio in 2019 sales were managed by Unitas Tabakfabrik GmbH in Berlin. After a 2 year integration phase, Nils Obermann has now stepped down from his director role in Unitas at his own request and will look into other opportunities. The sales & marketing office, the warehouse and logistics will successively move to Hamburg over the next couple of months and the organisation will be supplemented by a field force.

From 1 July 2022, the Mac Baren brand portfolio which is currently being successfully marketed by Arnold André will also be integrated into the new operations.

Mac Baren Germany will be led by Sebastian Clausen who joined the company on 1st of October 2021. He looks back on 25 years of tobacco experience within the Imperial Tobacco Group. In addition to holding various Sales and Marketing roles in the German market, he built up sales structures as Cluster General Manager in Eastern Europe and led the duty-free business in the Asia / Pacific and Africa / Middle East regions.




Sebastian Clausen,commenting on his new role: “I am very pleased with the opportunity to join the Mac Baren family and i am excited to build up a new commercial and logistics team in Hamburg. The combination of Planta brands and the Mac Baren brand portfolio offers synergies on many levels and with the support of our new sales force we will improve our position in retail enabling future growth in the German market.”

Mac Baren CEO Simon Sophus Nielsen added: “I would like to thank Nils Obermann and his team in Berlin for their commitment in the integration phase of the Planta portfolio. I would also like to thank our sales partner Arnold André for the succesful and cooperative collaboration over the past few years and until the end of June next year. Together with the Planta brand portfolio, we have now reached the critical size in the German market to scale up our own organisation.” 

There will be a transition phase in the first half of 2022, during which Arnold André sales force will continue to manage the Mac Baren brands until June 30 and the Mac Baren sales force will initially focus on the Planta portfolio. Starting from 1st of July our Sales force will carry the combined brand portfolio and logistics will be handled from the Hamburg warehouse.