Smart-working in Mac Baren


Smart-working in Mac Baren

Companies apply new strategies and perform new activities to retain the best talents in their companies. To promote constant, growing work efficiency, MacBaren supports its workers and offers employees the chance to balance professional and private life. 

Time: a precious resource

We all want to work in an environment where we feel at ease in terms of our tasks, in terms of spending time with colleagues and especially in terms of managing one of the most precious resources we have: TIME.

Compared to the past, employees need to be given more flexibility on behalf of their employer when it comes to their schedules, as daily routines have changed and people need more leeway.

Advantages and benefits of flexitime

Research shows that adopting a flexible schedule is an advantage not only for the employee, but also for the company itself.

Employees can manage their time more easily, they are more motivated and concentrated at work, they show more satisfaction in reaching their goals and are less prone to missing deadlines and milestones. 

According to Maiken Salling Andersen, (Graphic Designer), everyone is responsible for their own tasks and completes them out by planning and organising their daily activities.
Maiken Salling Andersen has maximised her professional experience at MacBaren; she initially worked in the production department and then moved on to the Graphic Department which allowed her to understand the product even more; this has enabled her to create more ideas, projects and even making other people’s work easier.



Satisfaction and gratification by achieving goals

MacBaren is a workplace where colleagues enjoy each other’s company, as affirmed by Thomas Kuld (Export Warehouse) who had the chance to work in both the production department and the warehouse department, and learned a lot about the product and the company structure. Even if he stopped working at MacBaren for a short period of time, coming back was a natural transition, because both his role and the people he collaborates with are important to him and every day he is happy and satisfied to complete projects and reach the goals he has been set.

A healthy family-work life balance

Flexitime has allowed families with young children to be present during the important stages of their lives, especially their early years, without having to shirk their professional duties; an example of this is Mads Løv Andersen (Financial Controller) whose work hours are flexible in order to take his child to kindergarten. It also means not having to ask somebody else, say a relative or a babysitter, for help and, of course, this cuts significant costs. 

Flexitime also works for employees who take care of their loved ones, who are suffering from debilitating illnesses, or who need to be taken to hospital or to specialists for check-ups or rehabilitation; it leads to less days taken off work and incentivizes taking off only a few hours of the working day instead.

Time is the new currency

It is clear to see that flexitime is a form of added value: people are more inclined to benefit from time incentives rather than financial incentives. 

At MacBaren, we pay a great deal of importance to collaborating with people: everybody here, with their professional and experience, makes a contribution towards the common goal of meeting the company’s milestones.