We launched our company’s new website in December, embarking on a path to strengthen Mac Baren’s online presence by providing an insight into how our company works.

Over the next few months, we’ll be giving you a glimpse into the lives of Mac Baren’s employees by regularly publishing content on the company’s official LinkedIn profile and blog. Below, you’ll find a sneak preview of some of the content you’ll be able to read and watch in the coming weeks.


Working at Mac Baren

Stine Fisher Lorenzen, HR Manager at Mac Baren, provides you with an interesting look at what it’s like to work for us. Discover the benefits that we offer our employees, and much more: we’ll also be talking about our values and how the people who form part of our company experience these values on a day-to-day basis.


The art of selling

Just as you need a quality product in order to be successful, a company like ours simply can’t do without an expert sales team that has been suitably trained to face the daily challenges that are thrown our way.
Tim Halfdan, team leader and sales team coordinator in Denmark, explains the methods used to improve the agents’ sales experience and, on the other hand, the best communications tools to improve the buying experience for customers.


Quality and sustainability

Everything starts with a tiny seed that then grows into a tobacco plant, whose leaves form the raw material that we need to produce our blends.
Tobacco is one of the most widespread plants and grows in a variety of territories across all continents. Searching for and selecting the right leaves and the best varieties is a job that requires extensive experience and talent.
Jens Therkelsen, Operations Manager and tobacco expert, will take us on a journey to discover the raw material selection process, also explaining the criteria used to purchase only the best leaves.