Everything you need to know about the upcoming news that will be posted on the Mac Baren Tobacco Company’s LinkedIn profile. 


Teamwork to achieve common goals

Maiken, our graphic designer tells us about his personal point of view of working life at Mac Baren. People’s ability to put together tightly-knit and efficient teams allows everyone to succeed in their assigned tasks in a timely manner without sacrificing their private life or their free time.


Quality ingredients for quality tobacco

A lot of effort is put into the selection of the raw material that is purchased and then processed in order to become a Mac Baren blend. None of us would even think of ruining the precious tobacco leaves with poor quality ingredients.
Ane Grethe Madsen, casing and flavouring expert, offers us an interesting look at the delicate and complicated work she does.


Art by all and for all

Jørgen Halberg, the father of Henrik Halberg, current owner of Mac Baren, was a great fan of art and, in the years he was at the helm of the company, he managed to convey his passion to a large number of people who worked with him. Today, that passion comes to life in a series of activities that take place within the company in which art plays the starring role, in all its many facets.

Tradition that stimulates change 

tradition and innovation are a combination that perfectly represents the history and the present of Mac Baren. Our tradition is not something which we remain anchored to, afraid to look to the future. On the contrary, tradition is what drives us always to innovate. All those who have made Mac Baren such a success have demonstrated their ability to respect and honour the illustrious past of this company, without however foregoing change, in order to continue to grow on a market where those who fail to innovate are destined to fade and disappear.