Our Canteen – a healthy and balanced diet for everyone

Our Canteen – a healthy and balanced diet for everyone

For us at Mac Baren, the welfare of our employees is one of our top priorities, so much so that one of our founding values states “we are a well-balanced, harmonious, team of staff”. 

Multiple factors contribute towards the welfare of a person within a company, and here at Mac Baren we have implemented a series of initiatives and activities aimed at improving the quality of the time those who work with us spend here. 

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Food and diet plays a primary role in the physical and mental welfare of a person. It is our duty to guarantee our employees get a proper, varied diet that best allows them to tackle their daily tasks. 

Our canteen was devised to be a sociable meeting place, where people can get together and amuse themselves before getting back to work. We offer our employees the chance to have breakfast and lunch, and they never fail to show their appreciation. 

If people are satisfied with the service provided, most of the merit goes to those who work behind the scenes in the kitchen. 

Heine, our chef, is very clear about the importance of his role: 




“I am the company’s good spirit. I make sure people go back to work with a smile on their face after they’ve eaten”.

Ever day, we offer a different menu, and we keep in mind the fact that some people have specific dietary requirements, such as vegetarians, those suffering from lactose intolerance, gluten-free Coeliacs and Muslims. Furthermore, anyone can ask Heine to prepare something to take home with them for dinner if they don’t have the time, or the energy, to cook. All this at a very convenient price.

For some years now, Mac Baren Tobacco Company has chosen to offer its employees a particularly healthy diet, which includes plenty of vegetables and other locally-sourced food.

All the ingredients are checked daily to make sure they are fresh and in the best condition to be prepared and served.

To decide on the menu, we take into consideration the seasonality of certain foodstuffs, and every week our suppliers point out which ones are ready to be harvested and eaten.

To demonstrate the above, at the entrance to our canteen, we have put up a certificate testifying to the quality of the facility and of the food served here. This is a compulsory certificate which must be affixed wherever food is served in Denmark, and it is the result of routine checks by dedicated staff appointed for this purpose.