A blend that takes you around the world

Every day here in Svendborg, home to Mac Baren, lots of different containers arrive, full of tobacco leaves from all over the world. Walking through one of our warehouses would certainly give you a good idea of the quantity of tobacco that’s required to produce a blend. If you were here, you’d see the countless cases or jute sacks full of precious tobacco leaves, your noses would fill with their aroma and you’d be able to read each variety’s country of origin and year of production on their cases. In just a few metres, you’d go on a virtual trip around the world.


Seeing and touching the quality of our raw material

Lots of tobacco is produced and sold around the world. However, not all leaves reach the quality standards that Mac Baren looks for when selecting its raw material.

Recognising the quality of a tobacco leaf is not an easy job and we simply can’t just rely on certifications or assessments carried out by others. That’s why, each year, the company’s owner, together with a number of co-workers, goes on numerous trips to the countries where the tobacco is produced, in order to touch the leaves with his own hands – the leaves that, once processed, will form the basis of all our products.

Find out everything there is to know about the quality of our tobacco and the production process by visiting this section of the website.


Sustainable farming

To buy the tobacco leaves, we work with large international organisations that act as intermediaries between us and the farmers. This allows us to obtain guarantees regarding the environmental sustainability of the tobacco cultivations in the various countries.

To cite a practical example, much of the tobacco that we purchase requires wood to be used for the drying process, and this wood comes from cutting down trees. By only buying tobacco from certified plantations, we can be sure that each felled tree is replaced by a new one being planted. If this didn’t happen, in a few years’ time we wouldn’t be able to buy tobacco from certain countries.

The same organisations that act as intermediaries between us and the farmers also provide the latter with the necessary support and tools to improve their tobacco cultivations and make them more efficient.

In this way, some of the money made by selling tobacco, including the sums invested by Mac Baren, is spent improving the living standards of local communities, contributing to infrastructure development, training for farmers, the construction of better irrigation systems and much more.

If you’d like to find out more, we recommend that you visit the Universal Tobacco Leaf website.


Support for farmers

Our success and our profits are based on the cultivation of an extraordinary plant, tobacco. We therefore respect those who work day in, day out to produce top-quality tobacco with their own hands – the tobacco that we select to produce our blends.

When we buy tobacco, we want to be certain that the farmer who grew it receives adequate payment and quickly.

From this point of view, we are extremely happy with the work done by the organisations that we partner with, as they ensure immediate payment to farmers at suitable rates, following an assessment into the quality of the plant.