A stimulating work environment

Mac Baren Tobacco Company is a cutting-edge company in terms of how it treats its employees. A visit to our headquarters in Svendborg is enough to get an idea of what it’s like to work in a stimulating environment, like the one that we have managed to create over the years.

The structure and layout of our offices represent the idea of a “flat organisation”, where there is a fairly informal relationship between employees and managers. The work environment is designed to make it easier for employees to share information and socialise, through the use of open space offices and large windows, all beautifully enhanced by numerous works of art that add a splash of colour to the walls of our company.

Having said that, Mac Baren offers its employees much more than just a comfortable workplace: the advantages of working with us go much deeper as our company has implemented a series of initiatives aimed at improving the quality of the time that people spend here every day.


Freedom & Responsibility

The most important thing that we offer those who decide to pursue a career here at Mac Baren is something that is as intangible as it is omnipresent: our values.

In particular, one of these is “Freedom & Responsibility”, which perfectly describes the Mac Baren philosophy in appointing roles and responsibilities to the different people who work for us.

Allowing the right amount of freedom of action is key in order to stimulate the spirit of initiative and creativity among our employees. This freedom obviously varies from role to role, based on a range of factors. We are nonetheless convinced that giving people the possibility to think for themselves, make proposals and implement solutions is much better than telling them what to do, without listening to the opinions of those who are directly involved.

Find out more about our founding values.


Private health insurance

Once you become a member of our team, you can voluntarily opt for a private health insurance which will allow you to gain quick and efficient access to healthcare services, bypassing long waiting lists.

Mac Baren has an agreement in place with a large insurance company, allowing its employees to access this service at an affordable price. What’s more, the company will take care of all the bureaucratic procedures.


energy to face the day

One of the things that our employees like most about life at Mac Baren is almost certainly our staff canteen. It is our priority to ensure that our employees have a well-balanced diet that allows them to get the right nutritional and energy intake to face the day in the best way possible.

Our chef, Heine, personally prepares the dishes that are served, without ever neglecting people’s different dietary requirements.

If you start work early in the morning, you can also enjoy a hearty breakfast, and if you don’t feel like cooking dinner, you can ask Heine to prepare something for you to conveniently take home.


We share our passion for art

One of the first things you’ll notice if you visit our headquarters is the huge range of artwork on display throughout the company.

Mac Baren Tobacco Company has great regard for the positive effects that art can have on people, who often are unaware of these benefits.

Our passion for art was passed down to us by the current owner’s father, Jorgen Halberg, in whose honour an Art Club was founded which now has more than 80 members and organises exhibitions inside the company every year. At the annual general meeting, held in June, members get the chance to win and take home one of the pieces of art on display.


Sport and mental well-being

Each year, Mac Baren Tobacco Company invites its employees to take part in important local keep-fit and sporting events.

We all take part in the annual local fun run, with each of us choosing the route that best suits our abilities. After the race, we all meet for a picnic together.

To prevent the damage that employees may suffer as a result of carrying out their daily work, the company allows them to have massage sessions during office hours, at a modest price.


Fun at work

Every year, we organise a Christmas party and a party before the summer holidays, and everyone is invited. Normally, during the summer party, outdoor activities are organised followed by a dinner.

Mac Baren Tobacco Company is a company that appreciates the importance of moments of fun and relaxation such as these, as they bring the team together and help people get along.