Quality in the distributors we choose

Quality in the distributors we choose

Mac Baren Tobacco Company products can be found in over 80 different countries. Such widespread distribution requires the ability to enter into partnerships with local companies that are capable of distributing our products in as many stores as possible, as quickly as possible. 

We consider our partners to be extremely important since it is thanks to them that we are capable of better understanding how a particular market works, what the preferences of smokers in a particular country are, what the most effective activities could be implemented in order to introduce a new product or reinforce our presence in those stores where certain products are already being distributed. 

Hence the importance of choosing reliable, professional partner distributors who have established experience in the field, with whom to set up a relationship based on mutual trust. Trust which lies at the heart of a successful collaboration. 


Some of the criteria used to pick our partners 

Several factors are considered before making a decision on the choice of best partner distributor for a particular country. The choice is never immediate, and there is always an initial scouting phase and assessment of potential partners.


market coverage

The ability to cover the market is obviously a characteristic that distributors we work with need to have. Usually, we look for partners who could potentially take our products to at least 80% of stores in a given country. 


high regard 

We strongly believe in the quality of our products and in the intrinsic value of our brand. Our ideal partner knows how to recognise these strengths and is capable of using it to their advantage, giving our company proper consideration.


values and vision

Our values, which constitute the foundations of Mac Baren Tobacco Company, guide us in our everyday tasks and show us the direction to follow to continue to grow. So it is important to us that our partner distributors equally understand these values in full, and embrace them entirely.

As a family-run business, we are particularly fond of working with other entrepreneurial concerns of the same type as we know how much passion and tenacity are required to establish and grow a company, from one generation to the next.

multifarious portfolio

Mac Baren Tobacco Company, over the decades, has claimed a position as leader of the pipe tobacco sector and to date pipe tobacco constitutes our company’s core business. Nevertheless, we also produce an extensive range of rolling tobacco and smokeless products and our brand has considerably expanded its catalogue. For this reason, we are looking for partner distributors interested in working with a leading company in the production of pipe blends but who at the same time have experience in distributing other types of processed tobaccos. 

Our partner distributors are the main middlemen between us and our customers and end consumers, and we are proud to have built up a network of partnerships and contacts over time, which has enabled us successfully to distribute our products in over 80 different countries. We need to thank all those people who have believed in us and in our brand because, it is thanks also to them that Mac Baren today is a synonym of quality among smokers the world over.