Everything you need to know about the upcoming features on the Mac Baren Tobacco Company LinkedIn profile.


A step back in time

We’re very proud of our history. Mac Baren Tobacco Company boasts a long family tradition that still lives on today thanks to the passion of the Halberg family.

You’ll discover how the talent of an entrepreneur like Harald Halberg, our company’s founder, was able to turn a small cigar factory into one of the industry’s leading players.


The quality of our distribution partners

Mac Baren Tobacco Company sells its products in over 80 countries. It takes an enormous effort to deliver our blends to so many different tobacconists and, to do this every day, we need to rely on trusted partners who respect our strict quality standards when it comes to work.

It isn’t easy to select the partners to work with, and we take a lot of different criteria into consideration when making this choice.

Carsten Thejlman Bruun, Senior Export Manager, explains the process we follow to choose the best business partners.


The importance of a healthy diet

We can’t expect Mac Baren employees to do their jobs well if they don’t get the right amount of energy from a normal and healthy diet.

To make sure this happens, we offer our employees a high-quality canteen, paying particular attention to providing a healthy and varied diet that’s able to fulfil the requirements of all those who work for us.

Heine, our chef, will be talking about the importance of his daily work in guaranteeing the well-being of all his colleagues.


A new challenge to combat illegal tobacco trafficking

By this year, all tobacco companies must comply with the new European legislation on the traceability of tobacco products.

Mac Baren Tobacco Company immediately implemented these new aspects of tobacco legislation and, straight away, it began working towards adapting its production procedures to meet the new legal requirements.

We have been faced with a big challenge and we are proud to have taken all the necessary actions to be ready as soon as the law comes into force.

We hope that these new regulations on tobacco product traceability will significantly help in the fight against illegal trafficking, which is something that has plagued our industry for far too long.